Mars hill christian dating

All the claims of fakes are focused on three copper versions.

I have displayed only one copper version below for one very important reason...

Ref: here If anything, what you are about to witness will challenge your personal belief system, but rest assured, there is a strong probability that in time these findings will even meld with your own religion.

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My claims compared to historians head in a new direction in one very big way, and it all started from one tiny common symbol. In 1997 I found a tomb in Egypt that proved the unthinkable... See my new symbol interpretations that bring clarity to the mystery here. Therefore since UFOs and aliens did not exist officially up until last week, (see below) to some scholars it was a cult belief, to others they have chosen to interpret what the scribes have written in a way that was still palatable within peoples scope of belief based on tradition.For this reason there has been a whole barrage of attempts at decoding them.BUT scholars so far seem to have absolutely no idea on the value of the pictoglyphs and symbols, which make up most of the detail on the metal books, and they already jump to mistaken conclusions and prejudge the authenticity since the texts are expected to be illogical and composites with other ancient languages, encoded in a strange appears to be a duplicate of an original that is very important.To monitor the developments that have come from scientific tests, go to the Wikipedia link above, which is being updated regularly by the highest ranks of their team.

Mars hill christian dating