Updating outdated bathroom inexpensively

NNVisitor , New Glasses Trouble The distortion is caused by three things.The power of the glasses, your astigmatism correction and because the front of the lens is flat instead of curved the distortion is much worse.

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With two contact lenses both eyes would see things much larger without distortion but you would still have double vision.

That is how they used to be made for about -9 or higher but these days even prescriptions much higher are still curved in the front but only a little curvature. If you are unhappy with the person who examined your eyes you may be better off going to a different one who works in a different place to explain your double vision and your new glasses problems.

Making the front of the lenses flat has made the distortion much worse. New Glasses Trouble , I am not sure if I have completly adjusted. The double vision is always there, and everywhere does not matter of I am reading, or looking at a board. NNVisitor , New Glasses Trouble Have you yet adjusted to your new glasses for seeing objects and people at a distance?

How do you rate the new glasses that you are trying to adjust to? Other than the smallness making it hard to read everything still looks distorted especially when looking through the sides. From what I remember it started sometime around the second year with my old glasses so about 4 years ago. Can you list any problems you still have wearing your new glasses other than the smaller image size? Is it just temporary for less than a minute or all day long?

My own prescription is somewhat similar to yours and I also wound up with a large prescription increase because I waited years before getting new glasses. How many years have you noticed having double vision? If you have worn your new glasses for over a week or two weeks and you feel you cannot adjust to them they can redo the glasses for the same prescription using a curved front and a more curved backside of the lenses.